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Christine M. Lindner

Welcome. This site shows you about the artist and web designer Christine M. Lindner.  Pieces of art are available for you to view in the slideshow below.

Christine has been exploring her creative side all of her life. A variety of mediums has been used from colored pencils to the computer. Pastels, graphite, charcoal and card stock are all tools that can be used to take what is in the mind and put it on the page. Regardless of the type of page you are referring to, art can flow. It is a creative process.

Christine has been working to define her skills in computer graphics for several years now. She is a creative person who has experience with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Flash, Audition, Premiere, Bridge, and Acrobat. She also has experience with CodeBaby, SnagIT, and the Microsoft Suite including Visio Pro. She is advanced with Adobe Captivate 2017 (since version 4).. Captivate is an eLearning design program. This is where Christine can use her graphic and web design training. She has been working in this capacity for over 14 years now.

Christine uses whatever media is available to her to express her art whether it is with cardstock or on the web. She has experience in web design, graphic design, as an artist with art media using a stroke of a brush or a colored pencil. She keeps taking classes to learn more from Bev Birdwell, Susan Bourdet, Esta Hopper, Jody Lacy, Peter X O'Brien, or JoAnne Fallstone. They all deserve credit for sharing their talents with me. I also have taken classes at Clark College and finished with a Certificate from there.

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